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Keri Rose Akemi-Hernandez is proud of her Native American Heritage, with Mohawk, Seneca and Apache lineage. Keri is an entrepreneur of multiple small business ventures, including Real Estate, Design, and consulting services within the greater San Francisco Bay Area for over 21 years. She is an Artist and an active

community leader who belongs to several boards which she helps advocate for those who are often marginalized and underserved.

She is motivated by the strength she witnessed by her Grandma who was a large influence in her life; examples she learned from her Mom, responsibility from being the oldest daughter and sister, along with the support and love from her husband, their three children, first grandchild and pet dog Skye. She recalls teachers and people who have helped her throughout her life, some for just a brief moment, and others who have been there every step of the way. Keri has a diverse background that comes with wisdom that can help others relate to how to overcome and persist. There have been moments that were trying, presented challenges and also moments to celebrate milestones that led to great success. She was humbled to share some positive feedback received from her peers, colleagues and clients who appreciated their experience and expertise Keri offers. Her bright smile,

positive attitude and approachable demeanor is refreshing. She accomplished and will be a great asset for our students to connect with.

“It is important to stay true to your roots in all aspects of how you conduct yourself professionally and personally. I also believe that it is important to surround yourself with positive people who will lift you up, accept you as you are, and keep you grounded. I reached out to AIBL to align my personal values with my professional vision which aims to support our community, collaborate, and inspire our youth to go after their dreams with confidence.

Keri Akemi-Hernandez (Ker Bear)
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